Attorney General Hendarman Supandji admitted that there have been some odd things in the handling of Gayus Tambunan's case. Gayus as reported previously has been charged for embezzling Rp. 395 million and there is also the suspicious Rp. 25 billion in his account. Gayus is now threatened with a one year probation sanction.

Hendarman mentioned the suspicious things in Gayus' case after the team he formed reviewed the case. "There are some odd things in the case. I wonder why that is. The examination result have been submitted to the Jamwas (Junior Prosecutor for Supervision), in order to see where the case was mishandled," stated Hendarman at Coffee Morning, AGO building, Jakarta, Wednesday.

According to Hendarman, in the review by the Junior Prosecutor for Special Crimes there were indications of corruption. "But why only embezzling and money laundering (that are highlighted)? Why isn't the corruption issue highlighted?"

Hendarman claimed that he has asked the Jamwas to see if the misconduct and oddities are due to carelessness of the attorney or whether there was an agenda going on. "The attorney can't be dumb, he's had plenty of experience. Carelessness, maybe. An agenda, that's also possible."

He stated that the oddities in the case are for the supervision division to explain in detail.

The examination team formed by the attorney general to look into Gayus' case has probed four examiner attorneys, the public prosecutor, and four structural government officials implicated in the case.

The four examiner attorneys are Cirus Sinaga, Fadil Regan, Eka Kurnia, and Ika Safitri. The others are the public prosecutor Nazrab Azis, Chief Public Prosecutor Suyono, assistant of general crime division Indra Gunawan, head on general crime division Irfan Jaya Azis, and former director for pre-litigation Poltak Manullang.
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