Every athlete knows the importance of proper breathing techniques, none more so than marathon runners. But what many marathon runners may not know is why breathing is so important. Many marathon runners experience difficulty within the first mile or two. They become choked up with phlegm and mucus build-up. While their airways may eventually clear to help them find their groove, their overall finish time may be compromised by their initial setback. Running not only puts enormous stress on the muscles of the body, but the lungs as well. Breathing allows air in to the body to fuel the muscles and get them moving. The more air in the body, the better able the muscles are able to continue moving. So the more air a runner is able to breathe, the better the overall performance of the marathon runner will be. Good breathing also helps athletes avoid injury and muscle cramps, like the oft-experienced side stitch. In addition to learned breathing techniques, herbal supplements can be of use to help runners reach the finish line. Unlike prescription medications that can come with severe side effects, herbal supplements are gentle on the body. Many marathon runners have found that AirAide, an herbalsupplement helps their performance throughout the race when taken half an hour before starting time. AirAide safely helps oxygen intake, helping runners breathe better and get more oxygen flowing. And, unlike prescription and many over the counter medications, AirAide complies with the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of Prohibited Substances. In addition to breathing techniques, marathon runners, both professional and amateur, may want to try herbal supplements to help improve their breathing and their time.
Kode Iklan anda yang ingin ada di sebelah kiri disini
Kode Iklan anda yang ingin ada di sebelah kanan disini

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