Tibet as a country with its geographical position and climate is inhospitable territory not only for people but also animals. Life on planet earth is a miracle and there is where the least expected. This is the case of Tibet. And if it is very difficult for the life of Tibet’s rich animal and plant life. One of the animals I was particularly fascinated with their survival and successful survival in impossible circumstances. Marmot. These animals are not for the sake of survival and disclaims human assistance, although their man after a couple of large predators is a threat. Marmot and other rodents to multiply quickly and in some places rich food is a real nuisance, and people bring them almost to extinction. But this is an example of where Tibet marmot and receive help from good people as we can see in this truly unique images. Marmot subspecies generally have a lot of our friends in the pictures are Himalayan marmot. Himalayan Marmots are marmots found in the Himalayan regions ranging in elevation from 300 metres to 4,500 metres. They can be seen in the Deosai plains in Pakistan and Ladakh in Indian occupied Kashmir. They are about the size of a large housecat, and live in colonies. Marmota himalayanus is closely related to the Woodchuck, the Hoary Marmot and the Yellow-bellied Marmot. It has a dark chocolate-brown coat with contrasting yellow patches on its face and chest.

Marmot1 Hard marmot life in Tibet

Marmot31 Hard marmot life in Tibet

Marmot2 Hard marmot life in Tibet

Marmot4 Hard marmot life in Tibet

Marmot51 Hard marmot life in Tibet

Marmot61 Hard marmot life in Tibet

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Kode Iklan anda yang ingin ada di sebelah kanan disini

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