Dumb criminals are my favorite things. Why? Because some people are meant for crime and others are just going to get busted for stupid things. I once did a three day stretch for peeing behind a bar at 3 a.m. Yup, I have a vindictive streak….

10. Cop Car Caper

Word to criminals. The cars with the pretty lights on top are police cars. A Pennsylvania perp could have done with that information when he was caught stealing from a police car. If the bubble lights were not enough clue he should have caught on that something was up because the cop car was parked outside a Police Convention.

9. Medicinal My Ass

There is a time to call police to report a crime, and there is a time to maybe think twice. A 54- year old woman in Saginaw County Michigan found this out when she called police to report a burglary at her home. Seems the thieves got away with all of her pot plants. Manufacturing Marijuana was high on the list of charges she is facing.

8. A Bad Nose Job

In South Carolina a man walked into a police station demanding the officers find and arrest the person who had sold him the “substandard” cocaine he purchase. I am not snowing you!

7. Rubber Ducking

Plea bargaining can be a good thing but when a convicted robber in Texas offered to pay $9,600 in damages in lieu of time served, it might have gone a little better if he had not forged the check. They bounced that guy straight to jail.

6. HUH?

A couple of Saxony felons may want to consider stealing a GPS the next time they go on a robbery spree. The thieves stopped on a highway to ask police for directions. The federal police officer became suspicious when he saw the car full of stolen goods.

5. Leave a Note Next Time

Sometimes those darn cash machines just won’t open but a pair of brilliant thieves in Kentucky knew just what to do. They tied a chain to the ATM then to the bumper of their car. The Machine stayed and so did the bumper. The geniuses drove off scared leaving, bumper and license plate securely attached to the machine.

4.Left A Note

Demetrius Robinson decided to rob a convenience store, but while waiting for customers to leave, he filled out a job application, leaving his real name and uncles telephone number at the scene. It’s unclear how the job interview went.


Latreasa Goodman was not happy with her local McDonalds when they were out of her favorite Chicken Nuggets. She was so upset she called 911, not once but three times to report the alleged “Mc”crime. It was Goodman who was arrested however on charges of misusing emergency service.

2. A Surprise Party

Dalia Dippolito wasn’t happy in her marriage so decided to have her husband killed. She arranged the murder with a man she thought was a hit man, only he was a cop. Police later turned the tables telling her husband her husband was killed. The crocodiles tears turned to surprise at the police station when cops opened the door, revealing her “dead” husband.

1. A Close Call

Charles Ray Fuller tried to cash a stolen check. No big deal, you say. Well thank goodness bank officials were on their toes, the check was written for 360 Billion Dollars. Would like that in large or small bills?
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